Controversial format aside, the 2023 XM is a marvel of engineering, so what better way to unveil the plug-in hybrid SUV if not by using another high-tech machine? For the model’s local debut, BMW Romania got in touch with the robotics team Ro2D2 to literally take the wraps off the electrified M at a special event for the media held in Bucharest.

Prior to unveiling the XM, the talented high-school students behind the robot remotely controlled a different device. Well, not a device per se as they handled the iX via a smartphone app while standing outside of the electric SUV. It was possible thanks to the vehicle’s Manoeuvre Assistant, a new feature also available for the latest 7 Series / i7. It can store up to ten maneuvers the car can perform on its own, covering a distance of up to 200 meters each. This can be done from a distance of up to six meters and the owner can stop the vehicle at any point.

The XM’s unveiling was the focal point of the event, ahead of the first deliveries to customers scheduled for April 15. BMW Romania is happy to report more than 50 people have already preordered the dedicated M model, the first of its kind since the mid-engined M1 sports car from the late 1970s and early 1980s.  In the Eastern European country, the XM starts at €170,051, which makes it the company’s most expensive new car, followed closely by the €169,694 M8 Convertible.

BMW projects European customers will represent the minority as nearly half of the demand is expected to come from the United States (26%) and China (23%). Middle East is estimated to be the fourth market for the high-performance SUV with 8% of total shipments, followed by Germany and South Korea – each with 7%.

The XM is exclusively built in Spartanburg, South Carolina alongside all X3 through X7 models and their M versions.

Source: BMW Romania