The 2023 7 Series has the longest list of features of any BMW ever made, and beginning this spring, it’s getting a new feature. Remote Control Parking for the Automatic Maneuvering Assistant for the company’s flagship model allows owners to park the vehicle while standing outside. It works via the My BMW App on an iPhone with the condition you are no more than six meters (20 feet) away from the vehicle.

A new instructional video shows the M760e xDrive hooked up to an iPhone turned into a digital key. The 7 Series G70’s sensors and cameras can scan for empty parking spaces, which are automatically recognized when you have passed them completely. The car can autonomously park, with or without the driver inside the cabin. If the space is too tight, you can get out of the car and resume the parking maneuver from the smartphone.

When standing outside, the owner must tap on the blue parking button on the iPhone for the luxury sedan to do all the work. The moment you let go of the button, the car automatically stops. Pressing it again will resume the maneuver until the 7 Series is successfully parked.

The Maneuvering Assistant uses GPS data and the trajectory data from steering movements to store various maneuvers covering a distance of up to 200 meters (656 feet) each. BMW says as many as 10 maneuvers can be recorded in total. It really does all the work by controlling the accelerator, brakes, steering, and changing gears.

At any point during the maneuver, the owner can switch between in-vehicle and remote control. It remains to be seen how many people will use this functionality as some would argue it’s just a gimmick. On the other hand, the seventh-generation 7 Series is a large car with long doors, so parking in a tight spot can prove to be challenging.

Source: BMW