We’ve already learned BMW USA sales went up by 11.9% in the first quarter of 2023 but a closer look at the figures shows some interesting data. Fueled by the arrival of the all-new G70 model and its fully electric i7 sibling, demand for the 7 Series nearly doubled. Deliveries of the flagship model reached 2,885 units or 92.6% more than in Q1 2022 when 1,498 cars were sold.

It’s an early and not entirely conclusive sign people don’t have a problem with the seventh-generation model’s design, split headlights and all. Of course, a jump in sales is always expected when a new car is launched, so it remains to be seen how the revamped fullsize luxury sedan will fare compared to its predecessor. As a refresher, the latest 7er is offered in only one wheelbase length, which is slightly longer compared to the G12’s.

We were surprised to see sales of the outgoing 5 Series increased by a third, reaching 7,536 units or 33.5% more than in the January-March 2022 interval when people bought 5,645 cars. Even though a replacement is debuting in the following months, it appears many people didn’t want to wait for the G60. Perhaps some of them were put off by the incoming iDrive 8.5 and were also concerned they wouldn’t like the new design, but that’s just speculation on our part. For what it’s worth, we’d argue the current G30 model is a handsome car inside and out, arguably one of the most attractive sedans on sale today.

Elsewhere, the 3 Series was overshadowed by the 4 Series, despite the latter’s controversial kidney grille. Deliveries of the former went down by 17.2% to 6,751 units while those of the latter increased by a whopping 62.6% to 11,997 units. However, it’s not an entirely fair comparison since BMW sells the 3 Series only as a sedan in the United States whereas the 4 Series comes in Coupe, Convertible, Gran Coupe, and i4 flavors. Nevertheless, traditionalists still find the 4 Series to be the niche model, but in 2023, it’s the 3 Series that represents the minority.

The adjacent table shows BMW USA has already sold 409 XMs while the X2 still racked up 78 sales even though production ended last year. We’re happy to see the Z4 enjoyed a 42.7% hike in demand to 398 roadsters, while the 2 Series saw a dramatic fall of 65.6% to 1,383 vehicles. The third-generation X1 is shaping up to be an instant hit, with sales increasing by 43.9% to 3,171 cars.

Source: BMW USA