Looking for an early sneak peek at the highly anticipated 2024 BMW M5? If so, you’re in luck, as some fresh spy photos have just surfaced, giving us a glimpse of the upcoming model’s interior design. Set to be one of the most important M cars in BMW’s history, the G90 M5 is poised to make a big impact as the brand’s first plug-in hybrid “real” M car. If you’re expecting some radical interior design from the next-gen M5, you might be a bit disappointed. BMW is keeping the G60 5 Series and G90 M5 pretty traditional, in terms of design. So the cabin of this next-gen M5, despite being a hybrid, is fairly straightforward. It’s going to have the same curved dual screen as every other modern BMW, except it will be running iDrive 8.5 or iDrive 9, versus iDrive 8, and it’s going to have a similar center console layout to most new BMWs, such as the 7 Series.

Sporty and Classic Interior Design

On the center console, you’ll find the same toggle switch shifter as with all new Bimmers, which has its pros and cons. It’s good because it cleans up the console area and allows for more elbow room but it’s bad because you can’t use it to change gears. While paddles do most of the shift work, many drivers like to use the automatic gear lever to shift, as it feels more like a manual transmission and it can more easily be used while turning the steering wheel. So bye bye, shifting from the console. Another notable center console details is the survival of the iDrive rotary dial. We know that some BMW models are phasing it out, as is the case with the BMW X1, and there will be more to do so. However, it seems, as least with the BMW M5, the rotary dial will live on. Many fans will be happy to see that.

Flat-bottom steering

Show in BMW 7 Series

The other interior talking point is the steering wheel. BMW just started introducing flat-bottom steering wheels in the 7 Series and X1 and that continues in the BMW M5. The plug-in hybrid M5 will have the same steering wheel as the BMW 760i M Sport, which is a three-spoke wheel with a flat bottom and a skeletonized bottom spoke. It’s a good steering wheel to use, even if it is overly chunky, even by BMW standards.

We can’t wait to see the G90 BMW M5 when it finally debuts, as it will pack the same hybrid V8 powertrain as the XM and potentially make up to 700 horsepower. It will almost certainly become the fastest BMW in history and, if BMW M uses what it learned on the M5 CS, is should be incredible to drive as well.

[Source: Car Magazine]