The BMW M2 G87 has officially touched down in Austria where a Zandvoort Blue example was filmed at the Salzburgarena exhibition center. This second-generation sports coupe has a few niceties inside and out compared to the standard model, including the carbon fiber roof and the 50 years of M anniversary roundels. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice the Shadowline option, giving certain exterior elements a glossy black finish.

The interior is just as special, featuring a clutch pedal for the six-speed manual gearbox. Much like in Germany, BMW Austria makes the eight-speed automatic transmission standard, so you’ll have to pay more to row your own gears. Indeed, the new M2 with the Steptronic retails from €88,000 whereas the 6MT starts at €90,356. In the United States, both types of gearboxes are a no-cost option.

Another highlight of the interior is represented by the optional M Carbon bucket seats with illuminated M2 logos and the famous three colors. They’re more than just for show as aside from providing greater lateral support, the front seats are almost 11 kilograms (nearly 24 pounds) lighter than the standard sport seats. The lightweight roof we mentioned shaves off another 6 kg (13 pounds).

This is pretty much how we’d order our M2 G87, but with two-tone wheels instead of this all-black look. BMW has promised new colors will be added later next year, but none of them will be from the Individual catalog. In the meantime, buyers can customize their cars by ordering items from the vast catalog of M Performance Parts, which also includes the center-mounted quad exhaust tips.

The new M2 is sure to make a splash starting in April when early adopters will get their long-awaited cars. BMW is making the baby M in Mexico at the San Louis Potosi plant rather than in Leipzig where the old F87 was produced in about 60,000 examples.

Source: SDA Dan Cars / YouTube