One of the main complaints about the new BMW M2 is its color palette. There are admittedly two decent colors—Zandvoort Blue and Toronto Red—but that’s it and it’s pretty disappointing for an M car. The M Division always offered great colors, from pale yellows to metallic purples, so to see the M2 with such a limited color palette is sad. However, according to the BMW M2’s project manager Markus Schröder, new colors are coming in the future.

During a recent discussion Schröder, told BMWBLOG, that BMW M has been listening to customer and fan feedback about the M2’s limited choice of colors. According to Schröder, more exciting colors will eventually head to the M2’s color palette but it won’t happen until at least 2024. These won’t be Individual colors, either. They’re going to be factory colors that customers can choose at the normal color prices.

The reason BMW is adding new colors to the M2’s factory options list, rather than going with individual colors, is because of the manufacturing plant’s capabilities. Per Schröder, the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico doesn’t have the facilities or capability to paint the BMW M2 in Individual colors, so any new and exciting colors BMW wants to add to the M2 will have to be part of typical factory optional equipment.

Schröder said nothing of what specific colors would be added but he did mention how customers compared the expansive color palette of the BMW M3 and M4 to the new BMW M2 and how most customers preferred the former two. So it’s possible that we could see some of the M3’s color options migrate to its younger, smaller, less expensive sibling. Or maybe some even iconic ones. The BMW M3 and M4 do have some great color options, such as Isle of Man Green, Aventurin Red, Tanzanite Blue II, Sao Paulo Yellow, and three different frozen options. The M3 has about triple the color options as the M2, so BMW might move some over, which would be nice.

It’s also possible that the M2 gets its own new color options, which would make it stand out from the crowd a bit. Either way, it’s good to know that BMW will fix one of the main issues potential customers have been complaining about. Though, it isn’t going to happen soon. So if you’re looking to buy an M2 but holding out in hopes of incoming colors, you might to just stick with what’s available for now. If you can wait, though, there will be a few new colors in a couple of years. But as always, BMW refrains from commenting on specific timelines.