Render artists love reimagining the BMW M1. How could the not? It’s one of the most iconic BMWs of all time, it’s a car that every fan wishes BMW would make again, and its Giugiaro-penned bodywork is gorgeous. It’s a car every fans wants remade with modern tech and styling. Which is exactly what so many render artists try and create. This newest render is one of the more unique ones we’ve ever seen and gives the M1 a sort of dystopian, Judge Dredd vibe.

One of the reasons the BMW M1 is so beautiful is its simplicity. For a mid-engine supercar, the M1 is shockingly reserved and was sort of the original everyday supercar. This render takes that same simplicity, makes it even simpler, and gives it a cold, metallic feel that seems rather bleak.

Render: / @Z__gravity

All of its edges are sharp, as if they were stamped by Wüsthof, and all of the surfaces seem mirror-smooth. It looks futuristic, and there are some interesting design elements here—such as the illuminated front Roundel, flanked by thin light strips, the creased hood, the front lip with ultra-thin fog lights, and the boxed out rear taillights—but it’s a future that seems as bit tragic. If I’m picturing the owner of this car, it’s a megalomaniacal billionaire in some Dredd-like dystopia that controls the water supply for all of the super cities in America.

That’s not to say it’s a bad design, though. It’s an incredibly unique and creative take on one of the most beloved and revered BMW designs in history. Most BMW M1 renders are just M1 Hommage lookalikes (although, it’s hard to blame them, that thing was gorgeous), so it’s refreshing to see something new and inspired. It does lack the boldness and the warmth of the original BMW M1, whose styling is so full of character, but maybe icy coldness was what the render artist was going for here. After all, with a futuristic design such as this, it’s likely this rendered M1 would be electric.

Render: / @Z__gravity

Trying to follow Giugiaro—one of the greatest automotive minds and designers in history—is a nearly impossible task. But I’m glad to see people try to recreate his design in new and interesting ways, even if this one looks like it’d be driven by a RoboCop villain.

[Source: / @Z__gravity]