BMW Supercar

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BMW: “We have the tech for a 1,360 horsepower car”

BMW is pushing forward with their efforts to bring to market a new generation of electric vehicles. Built on the upcoming Neue Klasse EV-first platform, the next generation of electric vehicles will arrive in 2025….

Should BMW Build Unique Cars Before The Move To Electric Drivetrains?

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BMW reserves the name M7 and M9 in a new filling

Setting aside future names for their models is nothing new in the automotive world. And BMW is no stranger of those tactics. A new filling from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines shows that…


Does BMW Actually Need Another Supercar?

Just recently, we learned that the previously announced BMW Vision M NEXT supercar is now dead. Due to needing R&D money in other areas more, the M NEXT is just a casualty of the times….

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BMW mulling idea of hybrid supercar with 700 hp

BMW fans have been waiting — scratch that —  begging for their favorite Bavarian brand to create a proper supercar. Ever since the departure of the beloved but doomed BMW M1, there’s been a void…