UK tuning shop Car Audio Security had only three days to get a brand-new BMW M3 xDrive ready for last weekend’s Ultimate Dubs show. A new video shows the modifications that were necessary to give the super sedan an air suspension and bring it closer to the road for a meaner attitude. Because such a custom setup isn’t readily available for the all-wheel-drive configuration, they had to make one by using existing parts and modifying other components.

The Air Lift kit tailored to the previous-generation M3 (F80) does fit at the back of the G80 xDrive model with some minor adaptations. At the front, some parts were borrowed from Air Lift’s kit developed for the regular 3 Series G20 but with longer studs and struts. After the suspension was sorted out at both front and rear axles, the trunk area had to be modified to accommodate the compressor and pair of tanks neatly under the cargo mat.

The bagged M3 Competition xDrive also got a set of custom Rotiform wheels and some changes under the hood where the S58 engine is tucked away underneath a carbon fiber engine cover. In addition, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six now boasts an Eventuri carbon air intake. The car itself is a high-end version in Dravit Grey with iDrive 8 and the optional carbon front bucket seats inside the Fiona Red cabin.

It should be mentioned BMW has never sold a 3 Series with air suspension, but that changed last year. The long-wheelbase i3 electric sedan made in China exclusively for the local market has air suspension, but only for the rear axle. It remains to be seen whether the global i3 Sedan coming in 2025 on the Neue Klasse platform will be offered with air suspension or you’ll still have to step up to a 5 Series for the smoother setup.

Source: CAS TV / YouTube