Having been discontinued more than two decades ago, the 3 Series E36 is getting on in years but this convertible looks just as fresh as it did when it left the factory more than two decades ago. Granted, BMW didn’t build the car in this exact specification since the owner made quite a few changes following a thorough restoration of the rear-wheel-drive sports cabriolet.

After reupholstering the interior, installing aftermarket wheels, and some carbon fiber body add-ons, the owner decided to swap out the existing KW coilover suspension for an Air Lift 3H setup. The folks over at Car Audio & Security have released a new video to show their custom-built trunk for the third-generation 3 Series, now incorporating the necessary hardware for the air suspension.

Tucked away underneath the false floor is the pair of compressors and the Air Lift manifold while the back of the trunk now holds a body-colored tank. It goes without saying some of the cargo volume had to be sacrificed to fit the new hardware but there’s still enough room for the bare essentials. The whole setup looks just as clean as the rest of the build, which must’ve cost the owner a pretty penny.

Air Lift’s 3H is adjustable in both height and pressure, featuring five custom presets and the ability to automatically adapt depending on the load. It works even when the car is off and can be controlled by a smartphone app. Fire up the engine and the air suspension automatically lifts the car according to the pre-programmed ride height.

To make the setup look nice, CAS wrapped the two compressors in Alcantara and installed LED ambient lighting while the hard lines were custom-painted. They also dyed the trunk lid carpet and painted the tool kit black to match the finish of the cargo floor for a cleaner appearance.

Source: CAS TV / YouTube