BMW has been making cars at the Leipzig plant since March 2005 when a 320i (E90) rolled off the assembly line. The German luxury brand needed less than seven years to build the one-millionth car, a 116d in Alpine White completed in December 2011. Then the two-millionth vehicle followed in October 2016, an i3 finished in Protonic Blue. In 2021, the third-millionth car, an M240i Convertible in Sunset Orange was finished.

Plant Leipzig has just finished the assembly of its 3,333,333rd car, a 128ti painted in Melbourne Red contrasted by black accents. Why isn’t BMW waiting for the fourth-million car to celebrate the next milestone? Because three is generally considered to be a lucky number, and this hot hatch has seven of them in the production sequence.

At the same factory located about 160 kilometers (100 miles) southwest of Berlin, BMW makes two additional front-wheel-drive cars: the 2 Series Gran Coupe and the 2 Series Active Tourer. That being said, the four-millionth vehicle might not be a BMW considering the next-generation MINI Countryman will be made there from late this year, complete with an electric version. Leipzig will therefore become the BMW Group’s first factory to assemble cars belonging to both brands.

If you’re wondering which model has been produced the most at Plant Leipzig, the answer would have to be the X1 (E84) of which 635,194 units were assembled between 2009 and 2015. The 1 Series five-door (F20) is up next with 424,111 cars while on the last place of the podium is the 2 Series Active Tourer (F45) with 368,503 vehicles.

During the first year of production, Plant Leipzig had an annual capacity of around 54,000 cars. Fast forward to 2023, it can now assemble as many as 350,000 vehicles in a single year.

ModelProduction periodQuantity
3 Series Sedan E902005 – 2007333,427
1 Series three door E812007 – 2011187,263
1 Series Coupe E822007 – 2013130,205
1 Series Convertible E882008 – 2011131,664
X1 E842009 – 2015635,194
1 Series M Coupe E822011 – 20126,342
1 Series five door F202012 – 2015424,111
2 Series Coupe F222015 – 2021165,224
i3 i012013 – 2022250,271
i8 i122013 – 202016,581
i8 Roadster i152018 – 20203,884
2 Series Active Tourer F452014 – 2021368,503
2 Series Convertible F232014 – 2021119,092
M2 F872015 – 202161,856
1 Series five door F402019 – *305,467
2 Series Gran Coupe F442020 – *160,578
2 Series Active Tourer U062021 – *33,671

Source: BMW