The E30 M3 was never supposed to be more than just a homologation special, something to allow BMW to race it in DTM. However, there were some unique models made, one of which was the the E30 M3 Convertible. Only 476 chop-top M3s were ever made, making them incredibly rare and one of them is currently for sale in the UK, on Piston Heads.

Despite its life in the UK, this M3 is a left-hand drive model (as all E30 M3 Convertibles were) and it’s a gorgeous spec. Its Diamond Black exterior looks fantastic with the M3’s swollen wheel arches, as it adds some sophistication to the M3’s pragmatic motorsport design. Inside, its Lotus White leather contrasts the black exterior perfectly, especially with the top down.

Speaking of the top being down, the E30 M3 looks surprisingly good sans roof. E30 3 Series convertibles aren’t anything new but it looks good with the blistered wheel arches. Adding to look are ALPINA wheels, which compliment the car’s design nicely and again add some class to a normally brash looking car.

With just under 22,000 miles on the odometer (surprisingly low considering its four previous owners), you’d imagine it would be in fantastic condition. However, it isn’t. It’s better than that. It’s absolutely perfect, without a hint of wear or tear. It’s almost as if its 22,000 miles came while driving on an inside, climate controlled track. It’s cliche to say a car looks like it rolled off the showroom floor but this one literally does. It’s remarkable.

In fact, it’s in such good condition that its £139,950 asking price actually seems like a bargain, especially when you consider its rarity and collectability.

Although, its pristine condition does make me a bit sad. A car like the E30 M3 needs to be driven and driven hard, not kept locked away in a climate controlled garage for eternity. It wasn’t designed or built to be a museum piece. Especially the convertible. Its 2.3-liter naturally aspirated inline-four needs to rev and sing, letting its passengers hear its mechanical song without the corruption of a fixed roof. Its 212 horses need to gallop, only pausing for a shift of its five-speed manual. An E30 M3 Convertible is an incredibly special driving experience, one that needs to be felt, not imagined from the quiet, dry comfort of a car collection.

I do hope that whoever buys this car actually drives the hell out of it. If i ever see this car for sale again, I’m hoping it has 122,000 miles, plenty of rock chips in its paint, some wear on its seat bolsters, and fade on its steering wheel. Cars like this one need to live, not just exist.

[Source: Piston Heads]