New York fashion brand KITH is back with another photoshoot featuring a classic BMW. This time, though, it’s with a BMW 2002 and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. It’s no surprise that KITH is featuring another classic Bimmer in a photoshoot, as KITH founder Ronnie Fieg is a longtime BMW fan and avid collector. In fact, the 2002 seen in this photoshoot is likely his. Clearly, he likes showing off his classic Bimmers because he also has an electric 1602 that he also uses in photoshoots.

Fieg’s dark blue BMW 2002 is perfect for these sorts of photoshoots because its design is about as classically cool as you’re gonna get. It’s simple, sophisticated, and sporty, while boasting compact proportions and bright chrome work. It matches Cranston’s outfits in every photo perfectly, as expected in a fashion photoshoot.

This is also far from the only official project between KITH and BMW. The two collaborated back when the BMW M4 first launched, creating a KITH edition model that had custom badges and embossing in the interior. KITH also worked with BMW on a green BMW i4 M50, which was paired with Fieg’s gorgeous electric 1602 in the same green. Fieg also famously has a red E30 BMW M3, which has been customized slightly to have KITH logos throughout. So it’s clear Fieg is a fan of BMW, both the classics and the new stuff.

Ironically, KITH also did a photoshoot with Jerry Seinfeld, who’s a famous gearhead, and didn’t use a car in the shoot. Perhaps it’s because Seinfeld is diehard Porsche guy and Fieg likes his Bimmers. So the two might not have wanted to mix their car collections. But that’s just our guess. Though, seeing one of Seinfeld’s classic Porsche 911s and this 2002 next to each other would have been cool.

The BMW 2002 was the car that put BMW on the map, though. Before the 2002, BMW was just a quirky German alternative to Mercedes-Benz and few Americans cared much about it. But the 2002 shocked the world, with its fun-to-drive handling, roomy interior, and stellar engines. It was truly the best compact two-door sport sedan on the market and it gained widespread recognition thanks to a now-famous review from David E. Davis in the April 1968 issue of Car and Driver. So to see Cranston, one of the most famous actors in the world, and star of one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, in a photoshoot with a 2002 is pretty cool for BMW fans.

[Source: KITH] / Top Image: BMW Group