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How a BMW 1502 winters in Germany

Normally, a winter garden is used to overwinter plants that wouldn’t survive the winter outdoors in our region. However, a BMW engineer from Gelting near Munich has demonstrated that the glass structure can also protect…

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Bryan Cranston Poses With a BMW 2002 for KITH

New York fashion brand KITH is back with another photoshoot featuring a classic BMW. This time, though, it’s with a BMW 2002 and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. It’s no surprise that KITH is featuring…

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The BMW 2002 Turbo Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

BMW was floundering – in danger of being absorbed by one or another of Germany’s larger carmakers in the late 1950s. They had a small car, the 700 and larger cars, the 500 series Baroque…

This BMW 2002 tii Is a Dream Car Build

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Rare BMW 2002 Targa goes up for auction

A very rare BMW 2002 Targa is preparing for the auction block at Pebble Beach. This particular 1973 BMW 2002 is painted in Tiaga Green featuring coachwork by Stuttgart builder Baur. The 2002 Targa was…