The BMW X6 has always been a car that customers buy, even if it isn’t quite the prettiest on the road. It’s a high-fashion car whose styling is appreciated by those who like unique and different designs. With the new facelift, though, the 2024 BMW X6 becomes tamer, more sophisticated than before and that will either be taken well or poorly, depending on how you feel about ostentatious designs. Now that the 2024 BMW X6 Facelift is here, we thought it best to compare it to the outgoing pre-facelift X6, to see if the changes made it better or made it worse.

Changes At The Front-End

Being an LCI ‘facelift,’ the front is naturally where most of the changes happened. So it gets new headlights, which are thinner, sportier, and more aggressive than the frumpy headlights of the pre-facelift car. They also have arrow-shaped lights inside, which power outward and look very different from before. Below the headlights, the 2024 BMW X6 gets a new, calmer front bumper, even in its X6 M60i trim. All in all, it’s a much more mature, handsome car than it was, so the LCI car wins here.

Side Design Changes

BMW never changes much in the profiles of cars with facelifts and that wasn’t about to change with the 2024 BMW X6. So it looks largely the same, although the new wheels to help make it look better. Since the changes are minimal, I’ll give this section to the X6 Facelift, purely for being newer.

Rear-End Changes

Not too much has changed from the back of the new 2024 BMW X6. Its taillights are now more three-dimensional, which make them more similar to the Halo energy sword taillights of the BMW X3 Facelift, and they just have a bit more depth. Beneath those taillights is either a fake plastic bumper guard or a fake plastic diffuser, the latter of which is available in body color. The fake diffuser is frustrating but it’s a trend every brand seems to be making, so it’s hard to fault BMW. Overall, though, the back end looks better on the facelifted car.


As with the BMW X5, the new X6 LCI features the same sort of interior updates. That means it gets the same new iDrive 8, versus the pre-LCI’s iDrive 7, which now features the same large dual screen setup as every other iDrive 8-equipped BMW. That means the climate controls are all touchscreen-based and its digital gauges are new. Also gone is the old shift lever, which was replaced with a toggle switch. As with the BMW X7 LCI, the X6 LCi now has a lighted trim bar and some new dashboard trim options. For the most part, the new X6 LCI looks better inside than the car it replaces but some fans will bemoan the touchscreen-based climate controls. But, on the whole, the new cabin looks better so it wins.


This is pretty simple: the 2024 BMW X6 Facelift wins. It’s newer, feature s amore sophisticated design, is less ostentatious, and has a handsome new interior. Sure, its cabin tech might be frustrating sometimes but the rest of it is excellent and we can’t wait to drive the X6 M60i.