Henry Ford used to say customers can choose any color they want as long as it was black. While BMW does sell the M4 CSL with other paints, we’d reckon the Competition Sport Lightweight looks the best in Sapphire Black. One of the 1,000 CSLs the M division is making has been filmed in an underground parking lot next to a wide array of expensive cars from various brands, including Rolls-Royce.

Regardless of whether the M4 CSL is painted in Frozen Brooklyn Grey, Alpine White, or this Sapphire Black, all cars come with contrasting red accents. They’re noticeable around the reworked kidney grille as well as the contour of the exposed carbon fiber areas of the hood. In addition, BMW adds two stripes on the roof and another one at the bottom of the side profile that runs along nearly the entire length of the car. The trunk lid with its integrated spoiler à la M3 E46 CSL has the model’s badge with a red contour.

Carowner: @mb.gt3csl
Photographer: @shotbyardi
Website: www.ardi-gashi.ch

This new video is a good opportunity to have a closer look at all the carbon fiber upgrades that have helped shave off 100 kilograms compared to the rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition. To achieve the diet, BMW M’s engineers also removed the rear seats and put a pair of bucket seats with a carbon shell in the front. There’s more of the same lightweight material on the dashboard and even on the sides of the center console.

The weight loss and styling tweaks are only a part of the CSL’s goodies as the high-performance coupe also has yellow daytime running lights we’ve recently seen on the M3 CS as well. At the back, those nifty laser taillights have also been adopted by the ultra-rare 3.0 CSL. The menacing quad-pipe exhaust system uses a titanium silencer and sounds aggressive even in 2023 when regulators are increasingly stricter about emissions and noise.

BMW is selling the M4 CSL exclusively with an automatic transmission and the S58 engine dialed to 550 hp while torque stays the same at 650 Nm (479 lb-ft). Only the 3.0 CSL has more horsepower from the same twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six by packing an additional 10 hp for a grand total of 560 hp.

Source: Frank Holand Automotive / YouTube / Top Image – Carowner: @mb.gt3csl / Photographer: @shotbyardi / Website: www.ardi-gashi.ch