The BMW Z8 is one of the top five best looking Bimmers of all time. It’s Henrik Fisker’s gorgeous throwback to classic sports cars of the 1950s, mainly the iconic BMW 507. Most Z8s are garage queens, kept locked away from sunlight and rain, to protect their value. However, some owners drive their Z8s the way they should and, even with the best intentions, that leads to some minor wear and tear. In this video, a BMW Z8 gets a full detail and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch.

Whoever the owner of this BMW Z8 is takes care of it. Despite its minor exterior blemishes and interior wear, it looks very well kept. As a car of its caliber should be. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made better and brought back to life. That means a full exterior detail, to keep its Bright Red paint looking factory fresh, and a complete interior detail, to make its leather pop again.

The video actually starts out with some dry ice cleaning of the car’s underbelly. All of its exposed mechanical components were blasted with direct shots of dry ice, which simply melted the grime off. It’s actually remarkable just how well that works.

Next was the exterior, which was already in good condition, with only a few very minor chips and some minor swirling. Nothing polish couldn’t fix. After the exterior and wheels were done, the detailers moved inside and that’s where the biggest changes were made.

The Z8’s cream interior is lovely to look at but it clearly picks up grime pretty easily, even in a well kept car. The clearest evidence of that was the shift lever, which looked almost gray prior to cleaning it. The detailers taped off half of it, to show a before and after comparison, and the before was shocking. Though, it makes sense that something you’re constantly touching will get dirty over time.

What surprised me was just how well the interior plastic trim turned out. The Z8, for some frustrating reason, has big sheets of glossy black plastic trim and it’s the worst. It fills with scratches and fingerprints in seconds. However, after a polish, all of the plastics looked beautiful again.

Watching car detail videos is incredibly satisfying but it’s even more so when it’s a car as lovely as the BMW Z8 in a great color. If you’re into detail videos, check this out.