BMW’s old pal Henrik Fisker is getting back into the game, with his all-new electric brand. Its first vehicle, the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV, is getting closer and closer to its official release and it just made its worldwide debut in Europe. The Ocean is an interesting SUV and one that every premium EV brand should keep an eye on because it’s set to undercut almost all EV brands’ pricing, while offering a stylish, premium experience.

In this new video from Autogefühl, we get an up close look at the Fisker Ocean and all of its interesting new features. We also get to see an interview with Fisker himself, in which he talks about the design and engineering philosophy of the Ocean.

Fisker, remember, is a designer at heart. He’s designed some of the most beautiful cars of the modern era; Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8 among them. So it’s no surprise that the Fisker Ocean is a very stylish, very good looking small SUV. It has sort of a Range Rover Evoque-vibe, which is a compliment. But its design simple, clean, and sophisticated, while also having some nice stylistic flourishes. For instance, the illuminated “OCEAN” script on the front of the car is slick and the functioning window in between the C-pillar and D-pillar is a nice touch.

Inside, the cabin is very chic and simplistic, while also being very sustainable, using recycled materials as much as possible. But the showstopper party piece is the massive rotating central screen. It sits in portrait mode by default but, with the press of a button, can rotate to landscape mode, which is slick. I worry about the reliability of a motor that needs to turn that big screen but it’s still cool.

The Fisker Ocean is going to be a fascinating car, one that we can’t wait to keep an eye on as it debuts. Not only is it going to be cheaper than most of its competition, with a starting price of $37,499, but it’s also going to be a rare startup automaker with impressive build quality. Fisker is being smart, the Ocean will be built by Magna Styr in Austria, which has a long track record of superb build quality. So when it debuts, it should feel every bit as solid as its German competitors.

At that price point, with its style, and solid build quality, the Fisker Ocean has a real shot at disrupting the industry. BMW needs to keep its eyes on this one.