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Top Gear Looks Back at the BMWE E85 BMW Z4 M

One of the more underappreciated cars of its era was the E85 BMW Z4 M Roadster. It was considered good but not great in its day by most publications, simply because of cars like the…

BMW Z1: The story behind the lightweight and durable body panels

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How Do the Famous BMW Z1 Sliding Doors Work?

Back in the ’80s, BMW was the coolest brand in the world. It was putting out cars that were genuinely shocking the world and pushing boundaries in the best of ways. In the ’80s, BMW…

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The BMW Z1 was everything great about the ’80s

The ’80s were odd. It was a decade filled with over-sized clothing, popped collars, hilariously corny and awesome music and, of course, some of the most over-styled, overly-ambitious cars of all time. One of those…