Modified BMWs are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but it’s rare we get to see a purpose-built drift car as it comes to life. This used to be an M4 Competition before it lost a lot of weight and gained an impressive amount of power to become a tail-happy machine. Lithuanian shop Avas Motors turned the G82 into a dedicated race car for drift events, and this video gives us an idea of what goes into making such a specialized vehicle.

They managed to shave off about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) by removing unnecessary bulk to achieve just about the same weight loss BMW applied to the M4 Competition to turn it into the CSL. The car spent a month at a different shop to fit the full roll cage before the shell was fully primed. We get to find out the performance coupe was basically reassembled from zero to attend a local exhibition.

Interestingly, the M4 drift car has lost its original S58 engine in favor of the older S55 from the previous-generation car. For this application, both turbochargers have been removed and replaced with a single aftermarket turbo. While the engine itself has not been modified, the custom forced induction solution from TurboSystems is expected to bump output to at least 800 hp at the wheels. That would mean a power figure at the crank of roughly 900 hp.

Aside from carrying over the 3.0-liter inline-six engine of the M4 F82, it’ll also inherit the original seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. An essential change made to the car is a drift lock kit adapted from an E92 to make the car go sideways. The build is far from being ready but a partially assembled version was exhibited at an event for the Lithuanian Drift Championship awards.

The drift car will be stripped down again after the show to build a firewall and install the necessary radiators. It’s going to be fully assembled and painted in January before hitting the road for the first tests.

Source: Andrius Vasiliauskas / YouTube