Although the BMW M4 CSL serves as a spiritual successor of the M3 CSL E46 and 3.0 CSL E9, its closest predecessor is the M4 GTS. Launched back in 2016, the special version made the headlines for its innovative water injection system that helped boost output to 500 hp. Fast forward to 2022, the new Competition Sport Lightweight has 550 hp on tap.

We get to see the two track-focused M4s dueling in a drag race, and the outcome might not be the one you were necessarily expecting. The GTS was quicker off the line, and even though the CSL managed to recuperate most of the lost ground, the older car still won in the end. That might seem like an unusual result, but lest we forget the M4 GTS is a considerable 115 kilograms (253 pounds) lighter even after all the weight removed from the CSL.

Of course, a drag race’s outcome isn’t established by which car has the most power and/or which is lighter. There are other factors contributing to the result, including the driver’s reaction and how quickly the gear changes are performed. We’ll remind you the M4 GTS used a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic whereas the M4 CSL has an eight-speed, torque-converter transmission.

The CSL went on to fight a Porsche 911 GTS, but it didn’t stand a chance. The M4’s launch control system wasn’t of much help either as we can see the car breaking traction and turning into a smoke machine. Subsequent drag races saw the M4 CSL and a previous-generation M240i xDrive duke it out before allowing the M4 CSL and an M2 Competition to take part in a rolling race. A 911 GT3 RS from the previous generation and a new 911 GT3 joined the fray in the latter part of the video.

Hopefully, next time they’ll put a camera at the finish line to see clearer which car is crowned as the winner.

Source: TestLife / YouTube