Vorsteiner made big waves when it debuted a “fix” for the front end of the G80 BMW M3 (and G82 M4). It featured a new grille insert that horizontally bisected the grille, in an attempt to make it look like two smaller sections. Whether it worked is up for debate. However, Vorsteiner also created some other exterior parts, to comprehensively upgrade the M3’s appearance, and brought them all to the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas recently.

BMW G8X M3 | M4 Carbon Fiber Motorsport Grille

There’s no getting around the elephant in the room—that grille. The stock grille is among the most controversial designs in BMW’s history. In fact, I’m going to say it’s the most controversial. There weren’t aftermarket companies selling entire front end “fixes” for Bangle’s cars. Vorsteiner’s fix certainly makes a difference and, at a glance, does sort of separate the grille into two halves for a more cohesive look.

Aiding in its design is a new lower front lip, though. It visually lowers the front end of the M3 and makes it look more aggressive than before. Its design matches the upgraded Vorsteiner side skirts and rear diffuser, all of which are carbon fiber and features little winglets.

Out back, you get a choice of two difference spoilers. One of which is a large fixed wing, which is a thing of beauty to behold up close but does ruin the subtlety of an M3. If you want to keep a lower profile (which might be impossible with that grille), Vortseiner also offers a small decklid spoiler, which has a sort of “CS” vibe to it. If I were choosing one of these spoilers, it’d be the latter.

Last but not least important are the aftermarket wheels added to the project car. The VMP305 style come in 20 inches with a satin copper finish. The multi-piece forged wheels utilize California sourced T6-6061 aerospace and medical grade aluminum that is TUV rated for safety. [More details on the full G80 aero kit and where to buy here: Vorsteiner]

[Photos by Vorsteiner]