One of the most unique BMW M3 tuning projects to come out in the last few years was one hailing from South Florida. Local tuner Precision Sport Industries (PSI) has decided to improve not only the looks, but also the driveability aspect of the G80 M3. In this video review, we go behind the wheel to experience some of these changes, while also talking to Sean Meyers, President of PSI, about current and upcoming BMW projects.

New Kidney Grille, More Power

This particular BMW M3 Competition gets a new grille made by Vorsteiner, along with some other visual upgrades; including an aero kit, new wheels, and a very vibrant Ruby Star exterior color. Aside from the eye-catching color, the main focal point here is the new grille. What this Vorsteiner insert does is bisect the grilles, horizontally, with what looks like a large bumper bar, and keeps your focus on the top section of the grille. It does so by adding a horizontal grille slat in the upper section but none in the lower section.

PSI wrapped the G80 M3 in Porsche’s Ruby Star color. Interestingly, PSI tried to get BMW to paint the M3 Competition in Ruby Star from the factory, through the Individual program. However, that didn’t work out. So they decided to take matter in their own hands by wrapping the car. Of course, Ruby Star color is quite eye-catching and the color-matched Thule roof box is a nice touch. The vibrant reddish/pinkish color works well with the carbon fiber accents and black Rays wheels.

Sitting Lower To The Ground

The car also gets a power bump, thanks to a combination of ECU remapping and an Eventuri Air Intake. The exhaust sound was also improved with a high-flow mid pipe. Next on the list of upgrades? A lower spring kit which not only brings the G80 M3 closer to the ground, but it also enhances its driving dynamics.

Moving inside, the biggest change actually comes from the addition of a short shifter which provides a smoother shifting experience than the stock setup. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at this video review and please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!