BMW’s electrification plans will also include entry-level models, according to BMW CEO Oliver Zipse. Speaking at an event hosted by Bosch, Zipse stated: “We are not leaving the lower market segment. Even if you consider yourself a premium manufacturer, it is wrong to leave the lower market segment – that will be the core of your business in the future.” Of course, the BMW boss refrained to mention which “lower priced vehicles” are part of their future EV world. BMW’s plans contrast those from its rival Mercedes-Benz which plans to focus their electric plans mostly on high-end and core products.

BMW i1 and i2 Likely Planned

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If we were to analyze the current and future BMW lineup, then at least a couple of models come to mind. The BMW 1 Series has been long overdue for electrification, being one of the series models which doesn’t have a PHEV or EV model. According to the usual source, a new generation 1 Series (F70) will arrive in 2024. But the first 1 Series electric might not launch until 2027 when a BMW i1 (NB0) is allegedly planned. While the F70 codename hints at the same front-wheel-based architecture (FAAR), the NB0 denotes the upcoming Neue Klasse platform. Both models are rumored to be manufactured in Germany.

Next on the electrification list is likely the 2 Series models. The 2 Series Gran Coupe is due for a refresh in 2024 as well, under the codename F74. Once again, this would be a FAAR-based model, similar to the current offering. The rumormill churns out a new codename though: NB8 i2. The electrified i2 is rumored to arrive in 2028, but it’s unclear whether it will have a gran coupe bodystyle or a coupe.

Of course, the crossover lineup is also being refreshed with electric products. We’ve already seen the BMW iX1 and earlier today, the BMW iX2 electric SUV was also spotted. The latter is due out in 2024, but remains to be seen whether it will come to the U.S. market.

[Source: Reuters] [Top Image: WilcoBlok]