BMW’s readying yet another entry-level EV, the upcoming iX2. We’ve already seen the BMW iX1, its currently entry-level EV that debuted earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the iX1 isn’t coming to North America, for some inexplicable reason. It seems like it’d be the perfect EV crossover for America and yet it’s forbidden. However, we may get another shot at such a car with the BMW iX2 that was recently seen testing in camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, you can see the basic shape of the iX2 but it’s so heavily covered in camouflage that there are very few details to make out. However, its shape is rather unusual, compared to the current-gen X2, so these photos are more interesting than you might think.

Take a look at the BMW iX2 in these photos, especially from the side, and you’ll see that the iX2 will be look more like a traditional BMW SUV coupe. Rather than having a really short rear end and more upright, hatchback-like tailgate like the original X2, the iX2 in these photos looks more like a shrunken X4. It’s roofline is far sleeker and sportier, proving BMW learned its lesson with the X2, as few people enjoyed its frumpy styling.

2024 BMW X2 M35i spy photo /

Up front, you can see some of its headlights and grille through the camouflage and it looks like the iX2 will get angry looking headlights that aren’t in any way similar to those of the 2 Series. So, despite have a “2” in its name, the BMW iX2 won’t share anything with its alphanumeric cousin. Its grille also looks to be normal in size but feature a slightly more rectangular design than usual. In fact, it actually looks really good so far, with a simpler design than what we’ve become accustomed to.

With each new BMW that I see, I expect to wince. I expect to have to try and make excuses for it. However, the BMW iX2 is actually shaping up to be a pretty objectively handsome thing, even if it is an SUV coupe. Its sleeker roofline, seemingly normal grille, and angry headlights should make it a sharp little crossover.

Hopefully, it makes it ‘Stateside, as the BMW iX1 is a great car that would introduce a lot of customers to electrification. With its more unique styling, BMW might find that the iX2 has more of a market in America.

[Source: Motor1]