BMW will sell you a turnkey M4 race car with the GT3 and the newly released GT4, but what if you were to go a different way? Those fully fledged race cars come without a license plate, so they’re exclusively limited to the circuit. The M4 CSL is the closest to the race-ready machines, but aftermarket shops will happily turn a regular M4 Competition into an absolute track weapon.

Renown BMW specialist Team Schirmer has a wide array of M4 G82 goodies and they’ve been put to the test on a demo car that lapped the Nürburgring. Driven by Daniel Schwerfeld, the M4 GT is claimed to be the fastest street-legal BMW on the Nordschleife by the team that built it. It completed a lap in 6 minutes and 53.5 seconds but bear in mind we’re talking about the Bridge to Gantry configuration of the challenging track.

At 11.87 miles or 19.10 kilometers, the BTG layout is shorter than the complete lap measuring 12.94 or 20.83 kilometers. It’s also shorter than the Nürburgring Nordschleife tourist driving length of 12.8 miles or 20.6 kilometers. The course was completed with the M4 GT running on Michelin Cup 2 R tires, which are optimized for the track but remain road-legal.

While the M4 CSL lost 100 kilograms (220 pounds) compared to the rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition, this M4 GT takes it to the next level by featuring a stripped-out cabin. It keeps the road-legal status, so you can drive it to and from the circuit after a day at the race track. Although the mods aren’t exactly cheap, BMW’s own GT3 and GT4 are not a bargain either since the former costs $530,000 and the latter retails for about $200,000.

Relevant examples of upgrades from Team Schirmer Parts include the axle and suspension track package for a steep €15,995 while a carbon fiber hood with a dome is another €3,880. Carbon doors can be had for €5,945 and M4 G82 owners can also opt for a €2,625 roll cage.

Source: Team Schirmer Official / YouTube, teamschirmer / Instagram