The BMW i7 is the most exciting variant of the new 7 Series. It has all of the same luxury and technology features of the standard 7 Series, just with an electric powertrain. That makes it the most interesting car in the lineup and it could be among the most popular with customers. Especially since it’s going to look like a normal 7 Series, even more so when it’s spec’d in a relatively subtle color combo, such as the one seen in this new photo gallery.

Oxide Grey is a cool paint because it can look like a typical silver in some lights but, due to the metallic reflections, it can almost seem bronze in other lights. I remember the first time I saw Oxide Grey in person, it was on a BMW M3 Competition and I thought it was bronze until I saw the paint color name. It’s a really cool color that subtly special and one that owners will likely be happy with over many years. However, on the 7 Series, it’s a bit too bright and makes the BMW i7 look like a big ole barge.

That’s especially true out back, where there’s very little going on in the 7er’s design. The back end of all 7 Series models is quite boring but also quite large, so it just looks like vast emptiness and the Oxide Grey paint doesn’t help. It seems that the i7 would be better off with a darker color to shrink that nothingness.

I also wouldn’t spec grey on grey, as the interior of this BMW i7 doesn’t do its paint any favors. Don’t get me wrong, the i7’s cabin is fabulous and this one is nice to look at. The light grey leather, combined with the high-quality cloth seats, looks really nice and it works well for an electric car. The Silver Ash Root open port wood trim option is also lovely, giving the interior an environmentally friendly feel.

This car also has the massive theater screen option, turning the rear seat into a genuine movie theater. It’s hard to not be impressed by the monster screen, even if it does completely ruin rearward visibility. BMW needs to give the 7 Series a digital rearview mirror option, a la Cadillac.

The BMW i7 is a really cool car and I can’t wait to drive it. And while I’m not as down on its looks as many fans are, I don’t think this color combo does it any favors.