After some one-off projects, the two-tone colors are now part of the mainstream offering on the new BMW 7 Series. The new 7 Series is built at Plant Dingolfing where BMW invested over €300 million to ready the plant for production of the new luxury limousine. Part of that investment went to the printshop where BMW established a special process for the two-tone paintwork. BMW offers several two-tone paint combinations, from a beautiful Cashmere Silver Metallic/Aventurine Red Metallic to Tanzanite Blue with black. You can also get the upper half in either Oxide Gray or Black Sapphire, and then choose from a few different bottom half colors.

Painted in Dingolfing

This particular BMW 760i is painted in the Cashmere Silver and Aventurine Red color and it was our tester during the international media launch in Palm Springs. As you can see in the photos below, the 760i is paired with the M Sport Package and the Extended Shadowline Package which adds plenty of black accents. Inside, the 760i features a fancy cashmere wool for the seat surfaces – an absolute premiere for a BMW.

We recently sat down with BMW to learn more about the special paint process. What we learned is that the lead times for a regular standard finish are currently under ten hours, but the two-tone paintwork add a few more hours to the process. The primary color is initially applied in fully automated large-scale standard production processes. The vehicles are then “side-tracked” into a custom process in which the body is masked manually and the contrasting color and coach lines on the side of the body are applied by hand. Once the two-tone custom process has been completed, the whole body is given another clear coat in the standard automated process.

Cashmere Wool Interior

While the driving impressions are still under embargo until November 6, we can at least share with you the specs on the 2023 BMW 760i. The 760i is currently BMW’s only V8-powered version of the 2023 7 Series. Sadly, we won’t be seeing it in Europe as the company has already ruled out this 544-horsepower spicy flavor. Those quad exhaust tips are exclusive to the 760i since the M760e has a slightly different look with separate finishers. Available exclusively with xDrive, the 760i uses a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine. With an ample 750 Nm (551 lb-ft), it needs 4.2 seconds to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill.

To see more of this stunning color combo, click the photo gallery below: