When the first-gen BMW M2 initially debuted, it lacked a carbon fiber roof option. While its M Division siblings, such as the BMW M3 and M4 offered carbon roofs, the M2 sadly was left without one. It was actually something that annoyed many enthusiasts and customers, as it would have not only made the car lighter but lowered its center of gravity, something that’s useful on track, where many M2 customers took their cars. A carbon roof didn’t reach the BMW M2 until the M2 CS, when the car was already nearing the end of its life cycle. Now, though, this new second-gen M2 actually has the option for a carbon roof right from the jump and it costs $2,600.

Standard on the new BMW M2 is a sunroof, which is nice for sunny days but bad for track days. A sunroof is heavy: its glass is heavy and so too is the mechanism to operate it. Not only does that add weight but it puts the weight in the worst possible spot, up high. Adding insult to injury, sunroofs also eat into cabin headroom a bit, making an already small car feel more cramped. So while some customers like a sunroof, there’s a huge percentage of M2 customers that would prefer anything but.

Which is why so many M2 customers are thrilled about the carbon fiber roof option. While $2,600 isn’t cheap, it’s well worth it for the fans that want it. The carbon roof will do three things for customers: reduce overall curb weight, lowering the center of gravity, and providing more interior headroom. That added headroom might seem trivial but, remember, many owners track their M2s and need to wear helmets inside. An additional inch of interior headroom makes a big difference then.

Also, it’s just cool. Seeing and knowing that the roof is made of carbon fiber adds a level of motorsport pedigree to the car that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Does having a carbon roof make it a proper motorsport-bred car? No, of course not. But it does add some cool street cred. Plus, the BMW M2 is a porky little car, weighing in at around 3,700 lbs. So it can use all the lightweighting it can get.