The BMW M2 CS is among the best driving Bimmers in history. It’s a proper old-school BMW, with a straight-six engine up front, a (optional) manual transmission in the middle, and drive going to the back. But it’s so much more than that. It’s balanced, delicate, violent, raucous, hilarious, and thrilling all at the same time. And yet, you might actually want to get rid of it when the new one comes out. At least according to Chris Harris, in the August issue of Top Gear.

Current Top Gear host, and famed motoring journalist, Chris Harris currently owns an M2 CS, a gorgeously green one at that. However, despite acknowledging its excellence, he says that he might actually sell his for the next-generation M2.

One of the main reasons Harris might sell his M2 CS and replace it with the new one simply because it’s likely to be better. The next-gen M2 will be built on a superior chassis to the M2 CS, it will have a better engine, and it certainly be faster. However, it will still keep its manual transmission option and stay rear-wheel drive, so it will keep that last bit of old-school left in the M Division. Which leads into Harris’ next point.

Many M2 CS customers bought it because it was the last of its kind. Or at least that’s what many of us thought. With so many modern BMWs going all-wheel drive/automatic-only, it seemed as though the next M2 would follow. Now that we know it won’t, though, and that it will be as old-school as the M2 CS, it becomes the new last old-school BMW. Of course, we said that last time but it’s true this time, as BMW has already mapped out the electrified future of the M Division and it’s coming sooner than later.

There’s also the fact that our own Horaitu said the new BMW M2 is as good a driver’s car as the M2 CS. If it’s just as good to drive, also old-school in nature, and objectively better in almost every way, it seems like it would make sense for M2 CS owners to trade in for the next-gen M2.