Let me get this out of the way first—BMW is not going to make a convertible M2. There are no plans to even make a convertible 2 Series at this point, as small convertibles just don’t sell well anymore. So there’s definitely no M2 Convertible on the way. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t ponder what if and ask whether BMW should reconsider, especially after this pretty accurate-looking render recently came out.

Surprisingly, this BMW M2 Convertible render looks pretty dang good. The render artist, Thanos Pappas (who made it for Car Scoops), did a great job making it seem realistic, while also designing it well. The way the soft-top roofline is incorporated into the car’s profile looks really good. I don’t think BMW could do it better. Of course, they probably just took the roof from another convertible BMW (the last-gen 2 Series Convertible, mayhaps?) but it really works.

It also proves that this new 2 Series shape looks good as a convertible, with the top up or down. The flat shoulder line works well with the boxy, flared rear wheel arches, so it still looks muscular even without the roof. The render artist did it in three different colors; blue, red, and yellow, with the latter looking the best. It has a Speed Yellow vibe and it looks incredibly fun for a convertible.

So now we know the BMW M2 would look good as a convertible. Does that mean BMW should make one? I’m of the mind to say yes. Damn the profit margins, forget the shareholders, and throw yearly profit/loss reports out the window. This is the last-ever internal combustion M2 in history and the last time we’ll ever see a purely piston-powered I6 M car. Send the M2 off into the sunset the right way and give it as many fun body styles as possible. Sure, it will lose money because almost no one will buy it. But it would be cool and BMW hasn’t done anything cool simply for the sake of being cool in ages.

Plus, it would probably be a blast. Sure, it would be even heavier than the M2 already is (and it is shockingly heavy) but it would add so much more theater to the driving experience. The sound of the exhaust, the wind in your hair, and all of the smells of the environment would flood the senses. All while sliding sideways through corners. Doesn’t that sound like it’s worth the investment?

[Source: Car Scoops]