BMW decided to showcase the M4 CSL in Frozen Brooklyn Grey metallic in all the press images as well as the real cars it brought to various automotive events that took place this year. However, you’re not stuck with this shade if you have your heart (and wallet) set on the hardcore two-seat coupe as the Competition Sport Lightweight can also be had in Black Sapphire. Alternatively, you could pick Alpine White.

We’d go for the black paint as it makes the oversized kidney grille less intrusive and we’re also particularly fond of how those red accents are combined with the dark finish. This particular M4 CSL is exactly how we would spec the car since it makes the limited-run coupe look downright menacing from every angle. A dealer in Belgium recently took delivery of the desirable special edition, one of the only 1,000 units to be produced for the whole world.

Unlike the 2023 M3 Sedan and Touring, the M4 CSL retains the previous-generation infotainment system. That’s both a good and a bad thing as some prefer the new side-by-side screen setup while others want physical buttons for the climate control settings. Of course, the iDrive is less important when you’re buying such a car, which costs from €172,800 in Belgium. That makes it nearly as twice as expensive as the base M4 Coupe.

The lack of rear seats also shouldn’t be much of an issue, especially since BMW enthusiasts looking for extra practicality now have the M3 Touring. Come 2023, a more potent and slightly lighter M3 CS will temporarily join the lineup and should come along with an equivalent M4 CS as a lesser iteration of the car featured here.

Hopefully, these CSLs will actually be used and enjoyed by their owners rather than being placed into a climate-controlled garage to be flipped years later for profit. With every new M car from 2023 to have some form of electrification, this sinister M4 is among the last of the pure ICE breed, along with the forthcoming M2 G87 and the ultra-exclusive 3.0 CSL.

Source: super car MO / YouTube