The E92 M3 is one of my favorite modern BMWs for a few reasons. One is that it was the current M3 when I really started to understand cars and get a license of my own, so in many ways it’s the M3 I associate with the nameplate most. But another is that its engine is the most charismatic of all M3 engines. It’s a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V8, which is almost as large as BMW’s current V8s but it has a character all of its own. Lastly, just a few mods can turn a good car into a great car and this new video from Misha Charoudin shows you how.

In this video, a fan of Charoudin’s channel meets him at the Nürburgring in a slightly modded E92 M3 and it seems like the perfect combination of track-day performance and daily livability. The mods are simple: it has KW Clubsport V2 coilovers, AP Racing brakes, an Akrapovic exhaust, and Apex wheels but the engine is stock. It also uses a DCT gearbox and it has some aesthetic M Performance mods.

As you can see in the video, it’s surprisingly smooth, even over some of the Nürburgring’s famously poor surfaces. So it’s likely pretty comfortable to drive around every day, especially in Germany. It has racing bucket seats, which might not be great for daily driving but they probably aren’t awful, either. It is quiet on the inside, though, and it has air conditioning, so it has most of the creature comforts you’d want out of a BMW.

The Akrapovic exhaust is key, though. It sounds fantastic, as you’d expect from a BMW S65 engine and an Akrapovic exhaust. It doesn’t sound quite as good as the Dinan exhaust we recently heard but it’s still damn good. On the ‘Ring, it’s also planted, stable, sharp, and fun looking, while also being relatively quiet and normal inside. So it just goes to show, all you need is a few simple mods and the E92 M3 can become a great track day toy.