Now that the new generation of Rolls-Royce Ghost is out, the old model is old news. Which means that you’ll likely be able to pick it up for relatively cheap, compared to new Rolls-Royce models. In fact, you can find some first-gen Ghost models for around $100,000 on the used market, which is about the same price as new BMW 7 Series. But is it worth getting a used Ghost, is it still as luxurious as we thought it was back in 2010? Doug DeMuro finds out in this new video.

The biggest knock against the first-gen Ghost was that it shared its chassis and powertrain with the F01 BMW 7 Series. And while that’s true, that neither makes it a bad car or similar feeling to the 7 Series. Once you actually sit in, drive, or just experience the Ghost in person, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a proper Rolls-Royce product. Rolls made extensive chassis, suspension, and powertrain tweaks to make it look, feel, and drive like a Rolls should.

Of course, the Ghost is the baby Rolls, so it isn’t quite as luxurious or as opulent as the Phantom. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t absurdly luxurious, especially when you compare it to normal luxury cars like the 7 Series. Inside the Ghost in this video, you’ll find hand-crafted artwork in the wood trim, custom patterns stitched into the leather, and about $140,000 worth of options. So, yeah, it’s luxurious.

It feels different from a 7 Series on the road, too. It’s softer, quieter, and easier to drive. It feels pillowy and decedent. A 7 Series has a whiff of sportiness to it, despite being a luxury car but the Ghost wouldn’t even know what sporty means. The Ghost is the Rolls you drive, rather than get driven in, but that doesn’t mean it has to be sporty. In fact, the whole point of the Ghost is to make driving as easy and effortless as possible. And it does that.