Getting into the E30 M3 club is tough. Not only is it a rare car, it’s an expensive one, with nice examples easily fetching six-figures (more, if you include the Bring a Trailer tax). However, this modified car might be the best, and least expensive way into that club. It’s modified, so that lowers the price immediately, as collectors don’t like mods, and it has a few imperfections. However, both of those things should actually make it better to own because you’ll actually want to drive it, rather than locking it in a vacuum-sealed, climate controlled garage for eternity.

The modified E30 M3 is currently for sale on Cars and Bids and it’s a pretty kick-ass M3. Its Brilliant Red exterior color, combined with gold BBS LM wheels, is a killer combo. It also sits right, thanks to a combination of Bilstein sport shocks and H&R springs. Fun fact: When I was a teenager, a friend gave me that exact setup for my E36 from his old M3 but didn’t tell me the shocks were blown and it was about as comfortable as falling down a flight of stairs. Teenagers, man. This E30 M3’s shocks are probably in great condition, given that this owner has owned the car ten years and clearly takes care of it.

Other mods include a Turner Motorsports performance chip, EVO adjustable cam gears, a Meisterschaft stainless steel exhaust, and a Sports Evo replica rear wing, to name just a few. It’s been heavily upgraded in all the right ways and should drive spectacularly. You can tell this owner made specific adjustments to the car to get it to drive the way they wanted and didn’t just throw money at it.

This will sound odd but what’s nice about this car is that it has a few problems. The rear main seal leaks, as does the A/C system, there are quite a few scratches a rock chips, there’s some surface rust where some of the rock chips are, some underbody rust, damaged pinch welds underneath, and a broken hood latch cable. What’s nice about those problems is that they’re all quite fixable, some of them are pretty simple DIY fixes, but they’ll allow the car to be bought for a sensible price.

Plus, you know this car’s been driven, fixed, and taken care of for the most part throughout its life. That’s the sort of car you want. You don’t want a garage queen E30 M3. It’s a homologated Touring car for cryin’ out loud.

[Source: Cars and Bids]