For many customers, their BMW is like a second home. They use it to commute to work every day, take their kids to school, do their grocery shopping; sometimes customers can spend half of their day in their car. If that’s you, there are likely quite a few little gizmos and gadgets that can help make life in your car easier, less stressful, and more convenient. So here are five BMW accessories that are must-haves for many customers.

Travel & Comfort System – Coat Hanger 

This one’s simple but could be a game changer for anyone who often wears any sort of suit jacket to work everyday. Anyone who’s worn a jacket while driving knows that it’s uncomfortable. But you can’t just throw it on the seat or floor because it will get wrinkly. Which is why having a coat hanger to hang it on while driving will makes life quite a lot easier. That way, you have no wrinkly jacket when you arrive at work and you can drive comfortably, there and back. And this coat hanger, which mounts to the back of one of the front seats, is far better to use than just hanging a coat hanger from one of the rear hooks, as they can often get in the way of rear visibility.

Umbrella with LED Flashlight

Have you ever left your house for work with clear weather but watch as rain starts to pour just as you pull into your workplace parking lot? It’s so frustrating because you end up soaked by the time you get to the front door and now you’re cold and wet for the first few hours of the day. However, if your car has an umbrella mounted in the passenger side footwell, you never need to be without an easy-to-access umbrella. Plus, this one has a detachable LED flashlight built into the handle, so you can see when you’re leaving work at night, in a poorly lit parking lot.

Luggage Compartment Floor Net

For some reason, hearing stuff slide around in my trunk is a huge pet peeve of mine. Even if it’s not stuff that can break, it drives me bananas and I’m not sure why. So I love trunk luggage nets, which can hold all of your stuff down. It’s also helpful for anything delicate that you don’t want sliding around and breaking. So if you often load your trunk with stuff you don’t want sliding around, a luggage net is a simple, inexpensive way to make life just a little bit easier.

Backrest Storage Pocket

This one is a game changer for parents. Anyone with small children knows that having an assortment of little toys, pacifiers, water wipes, or anything else a child might need is essentially for your car. But where are you going to put all of that stuff, while also being able to access it easily on the move? This backrest storage pocket system is great, as it mounts to a front seatback and has more than a half dozen pockets, of all sizes, to hold whatever you might need.

G05 X5 Luxury Sunshade

I’m a cool weather man, myself. I don’t really like extreme heat. Anything higher than 80-degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for me. So getting into a scorching car that’s been baking in the sun for eight or nine hours (or more), after a long day of work, is my own personal hell. While you can’t completely prevent the hot sun from warming the inside of your metal tin can, you can mitigate the damage at least with a nice sunshade. Not only will the sunshade prevent the sun’s UV rays from cooking the cabin through its biggest un-tinted window (windscreen), but it can also prevent UV damage to your dashboard. Plus, it has “BMW” in huge letters, to make sure your subordinates at work don’t forget that you make more money than them.