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How to fix a loose door handle on the BMW i3

Now that the BMW i3 has been out a while, some things that need attention are popping up. Here’s a simple guide on how to fix a loose handle door on the BMW i3.  Over…

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Guide: BMW Engine Codes Naming Convention

For decades, BMW has used a unique naming convention for their BMW engines, which can be quite confusing to non-BMW insiders. BMW labels codes their engines under the B, M, N, P or S. In…

BMW Tips on How to Stay Awake on Long Trips

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5 Things to Do Before Buying Your First BMW

Buying your first luxury car is something of a rite of passage — and yes, even a used BMW counts as a luxury car. If picking up your first BMW is part of your plans…

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Some Steps On How To Sound Deaden Their Car

Our cars hold a very special place in all of our hearts. No matter how much it costs, how freakishly huge it is or how it gets stuck over speed bumps that you come across….

What to Look for When Buying an E85 BMW Z4 M

With a brand new BMW Z4 coming out this year, the second-hand Z4 market is bound to get a relapse and prices for older models might jump up a bit. The original Z4 is the…

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Poll: Do You Leave Your BMW at the Airport?

Air travel has made it possible to explore all the corners of the globe with little more than a passport and a plane ticket, but before you can go exploring, you’ve got to make it…

What to Do If You Crash Your BMW

A car accident can put a damper on your day, and a severe one can be hard to recover from, but even for the safest driver, they are sometimes unavoidable. If you’ve been in an…