Custom-made trailers to match the car hauling them have been around for ages, but they continue to put a smile on our faces whenever we see a new one. Such is the case here with a second-generation BMW 3 Series hauling an E30-styled trailer. While it might look like Photoshop at a first glance, this is as real as it gets. Not only that, but it’s also entirely legal.

Police authorities in Hagen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany pulled over the wagon driver to check out the contraption. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear there was nothing wrong with the build and the owner was allowed to continue their summer vacation without getting a ticket. As a matter of fact, the officers were particularly impressed with what was inside the trailer – a mattress.

Here’s what Hagen police said on their Instagram account where the image was published, along with details: “You don’t see something like this every day in a check: We noticed this homemade trailer at one of our checkpoints under the motto #safeindenurlaub [safe during the holidays]. We took a closer look, and everything was fine. By the way, the mattress in the trailer looked very comfortable. We wished the driver of the team a safe onward journey and a nice holiday!”

We sadly don’t get to see the E30 Touring in full, but it too appears to be in great condition much like the precious cargo it’s carrying. We are willing to bet the car has the same retrolicious cross-spoke wheels to make the trailer give the impression of being an extension of the practical family car. With a mattress inside, the long-roof 3er fulfills one of the main duties of a camper and we’re glad such a classic BMW is alive and well.

Source: / Instagram