With an experience of nearly 40 years, it’s safe to say G-Power knows a thing or two about BMWs. It has recently broadened its horizons by starting to modify models from Mercedes-AMG and Porsche, but the Bavarian brand remains its first true love. To show its commitment to the marque that put its name on the global aftermarket map, the German tuner has released photos of all the BMWs currently in the shop for a power boost.

Naturally, they all seem to be M cars, as small as the M2 and as big as the M8. In total, G-Power has lined up no fewer than 15 vehicles, with their inline-six and V8 engines generating a combined output of 11,650 horsepower. The torque number is even more impressive, a cumulative 14,250 Nm (10,516 lb-ft), enough to move mountains with ease.

A closer look at these staggering output figures shows each vehicle had at least 650 hp and 850 Nm (625 lb-ft) on tap. The strongest of the lot were the M5 and M8 Competition models pushing out a colossal 900 hp and 1,050 Nm (772 lb-ft).

With plug-in hybrid and electric performances on the horizon, BMW is no stranger to ultra-powerful vehicles. The XM debuting before the year’s end will initially have 650 hp before a hotter version arrives in 2023 with 750 hp. In addition, the i7 M70 also due next year is going to pack 660 of purely electric ponies, and it’s safe to say the next M5 Touring scheduled for a release in 2024 will easily crack the 700-hp barrier.

BMW is just about done with M cars powered solely by combustion engines. The M2 and limited-run 3.0 CSL arriving before the end of the year are the last of the pure ICE breed. However, the former is expected to spawn spicy derivatives further down the line with gasoline-only powertrains for a potential CS and/or CSL.

It’ll be interesting to see how the tuning scene will adapt to the inevitable electrified era.

Source: G-Power