The BMW 2002 didn’t invent the sports sedan, as much as BMW fans might like to say it did. Alfa Romeo invented the sports sedan with the original Giulia, a few years prior to the 2002. However, the 2002 made such cars famous, as it offered sporty handling, a great engine, and a practical interior combined with impressive build quality and superior reliability to most Alfas. Its importance to not only the brand but the sports sedans in general has made the BMW 2002 quite collectable and this one for sale on Collecting Cars is flat-out killer.

One of the very best versions of the BMW 2002 was the tii, which was fuel injected and made 140 horsepower. This one, though, has been quite heavily modified and it looks like a blast to drive. The engine’s been upgraded to make more power, it sits on lowered suspension, its massive 15×9-inch wheels are covered by massive fender flares, and it has an awesome Marlboro livery. The latter of which is similar to the Group A 6 Series touring car, intentionally or not.

The interior was also upgraded, with sport bucket seats, a Nardi steering wheel, a Nardi shift knob, and some additional gauges. It looks great but, more importantly, it adds to the experience. As great as the original 2002 was, its seats were far too flat for spirited driving and its steering wheel shared its diameter with manhole covers. The upgrades to this 2002 look very welcome, indeed.

If you like the look and sound of this BMW 2002, it’s currently for sale on Collecting Cars. It’s a UK-market car, so you’re likely going to want to either live in the UK or any other right-hand drive market. However, if you’re not looking to own a mint-condition classic and just want a 2002 that’s going to be a blast to drive, this one could certainly be it.