It’s barely been a week since BMW fully revealed its latest M car, the BMW M3 Touring, and it’s already offering M Performance parts. It’s almost like this whole building cars thing is a business or something. But business musings aside, BMW’s M Performance parts catalog is now open for M3 Touring customers and it will give them a chance make their car look even more exciting.

Seen here in this new photo gallery, you can see the BMW M3 Touring is Alpine White, the most common M car color. To be honest, I’d prefer a more interesting color, here, but BMW isn’t typically one for flamboyance, so the white is understandable. However, Alpine White does look good when contrasted with gold wheels, which this M3 Touring does have.

The massive 20-inch gold wheels look killer on the white M3 Touring and really make it stand out. Admittedly, I’d want smaller wheels on my personal car, so I could fit some meatier rubber, but the design and finish of these wheels are both outstanding.

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Being an M Performance parts car, it also has gobs of carbon fiber, including a front lip, a rear diffuser, and even little carbon fiber canards, which are a neat touch. There are even bright red tow straps, which give off a whiff of track-use but, let’s be real, no one’s taking their M3 Touring to the track on those fancy wheels. Still, it’s a cool little try-hard piece of style.

Inside, BMW’s typical M Performance steering wheel has been fitted to this car, too. That means it’s the same leather/alcantara wheel you’ve been able to get from BMW’s M Performance parts catalog or a few years now.

The BMW M3 Touring doesn’t need M Performance parts to be cool, as it’s already probably the M Division’s coolest car, but they don’t hurt.

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