YouTuber Joe Achilles has been putting a lot of content out about his new M3 Competition xDrive and for good reason. Not only is it his newest car but it’s the first-ever all-wheel drive M3, so it’s an interesting car. Plus, it’s a good way to stick it to the purists who don’t think xDrive can work in an M3. However, Achilles has another fun BMW, one that’s seemingly been forgotten about: the BMW M2 Competition. In this new video, though, it’s back and it’s getting a major upgrade.

Out of the box, the BMW M2 Competition is a really good road car but it does have its limitations on track, especially under braking. BMW M cars were never known for brilliant brakes from the factory and the M2 Competition certainly continues the trend. On track, the M2 Comp can run out of brakes fairly quickly, leading to some nerve-racking moments. However Achilles remedied that by fitting massive new AP Racing brake calipers, new rotors, and upgraded pads up front, with just new rotors and pads out back.

He also fitted Bilstein Clubsport coilovers, designed specifically for Swift Performance in the UK. They feature three-way adjustments for height, compression, and rebound, all of which can be adjusted manually. To make sure his M2 Comp makes the most out of its new suspension, he also fitted new toe arms and drop links from Suspension Secrets, who’ve custom designed new components to make the M2 Competition far better on track.

After fitting all of his new gear, Achilles took his car to the Bedform Autodrome, during one of EVO Magazine’s track days, to test it out. Even though it still needs some fine tuning, to adjust the suspension compression and rebound a bit more, as well as adjusting the suspension geometry a bit, Achilles’ M2 Comp is massively improved on track. The biggest improvement was to the brakes, though, which now feel far better than before.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your BMW M2 Competition for track use, you might not be able to get all of these same components, depending on the market you live in or your budget, but you can certainly get an idea of how to improve your car. Check it out.