The BMW M3 is finally a car that can be given massive power figures and actually put it all down on the ground. With the introduction of xDrive, the BMW M3 is a proper tuning weapon, as it can finally use the immense power it’s capable of making, with a couple of tweaks. In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get to see what a BMW M3 xDrive can do with a whopping 700 horsepower.

Previously, if you gave an M3 700 horsepower, it’d just tear its rear tires to pieces and end up going slower than it would have with stock power. However, thanks to xDrive all-wheel drive, this Pure Turbos-tuned BMW M3 rockets to 0-60 mph in under three seconds. AutoTopNL recorded a 2.93 0-60 mph time, which is just bonkers. Though, I also believe it. Having driven the new M3/M4 with xDrive, I can personally attest to the fact that all-wheel drive has probably made it better. Better or not, though, all-wheel drive has certainly made it faster.

Also according to AutoTop, the tuned BMW M3 xDrive was capable of quarter mile time of just 10.48, which is seriously fast for an M3. On the open Autobahn, in this video, the M3 was able to reach a top speed of over 300 km/h (186 mph), which is a speed usually reserved for cars like the BMW M5 and M8.

Now that the BMW M3 has an all-wheel drive option, expect to see many more high-horsepower builds like this one. Previously, if you wanted a car like the BMW M3 with mega power, you bought an Audi RS4, due to the traction. Now, though, you can get yourself a BMW M3 xDrive and make the big power you want, while also being able to actually use it all. Now imagine doing this to an M3 Touring…