MINI did more than just tease its new design language and the 2023 Cooper SE as it also made an important announcement. Set to receive its world premiere at the end of July, a new concept will serve as the window into the future of an “electrically powered – crossover model for the premium small-car segment.”

Details are scarce for the time being, but we do know it’ll be the first to illustrate the newly announced “Charismatic Simplicity” design language. MINI also says the zero-emissions concept “showcases how technological innovations and a progressive interpretation of individual mobility are taking the brand’s design language far into the future with this concept car.”

That’s obviously not saying much, but our hunch is the concept has something in common with the electric crossover announced in November 2021. Back then, MINI also said it would compete in the “small-car segment,” so we could be talking about the very same vehicle. If that’s the case, it’s going to be assembled in China at a new factory.

According to recent reports, the unnamed model will be positioned below the Countryman EV and could go by the name of “Aceman.” With the concept debuting next month, expect the subsequent production version to arrive in 2024 at the earliest. Although it’s going to be manufactured in the People’s Republic, chances are it will be sold internationally, much like the China-built BMW iX3.

You’re probably wondering by now whether there’s enough room in the lineup for a crossover positioned underneath the Countryman. The answer would have to be “yes” since the next-gen Countryman will significantly grow in size to mirror the new BMW iX1.

As with all MINIs going forward, the Aceman (name not confirmed) will eschew leather altogether while reducing chrome elements to a minimum. It’s getting a unique interpretation of the Union Jack-themed taillights while the OLED display setup will be derived from the Vision Urbanaut. The oh-so-familiar circular display in the center will be the first in the industry with a fully usable round surface, so no dreaded dead zones.

MINI refers to its Charismatic Simplicity design language as the “start of a new era,” so the upcoming small crossover concept has been tasked to preview the British brand’s electric-focused transformation.

Source: MINI