This new generation of BMW M3/M4 is brilliant. Both the M3 and M4 are sensational driver’s cars, with performance and capability that blow their predecessors away. However, neither of them are exactly lookers. Admittedly, that new style of grille does a lot to ruin what are otherwise good designs but they still aren’t very pretty overall. If this render were real, though, it might be the best looking version of the M3/M4 and forgive the sinful grille design–it’s a BMW M4 Shooting Brake.

Car companies play fast and loose with the term “Shooting Brake” but this render shows off the more modern idea of what a shooting brake is, even if it isn’t exactly the original definition. Originally, shooting brakes were larger vehicles, with large passenger compartments to fit a shooting party. This isn’t that. Instead, this render shows off what a BMW M4 would look like if it had a baby with the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

It’s still a two-door car, like the BMW M4, but it also gains a rear hatchback. So I guess it would technically be a three-door car. It looks great, though, and would certainly be a welcome addition to the BMW M3 and M4 lineup. If it were to exist, would it be the best looking model variant?

I think it would be a tie, between this and the M3 Touring but an M4 Shooting Brake would be quirkier and more special than even the ultra-rare M3 Touring. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen M4 Shooting Brake renders but it’s always good to see another one, as it’s just such a cool design idea that seems to work really well.

If BMW were to ever make such a thing (never really going to happen), would you prefer an M4 Shooting Brake or an M3 Touring?