Yesterday, BMW announced its latest “Jahre” edition car, the 2023 BMW M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M. Yes, that’s its actual name, it actually says “BMW M” at the end of a name that starts with “BMW M3” because you might forget it’s an M car. Ludicrous naming aside, the BMW M3 50 Jahre is a celebration of the M Division’s 50th anniversary and with it comes five very special colors, revived from each old M3 generation.

There are five revived iconic colors in all: Cinnabar Red (E30 M3), Techno Violet (E36 M3), Deep Interlagos Blue (E46 M3), Fire Orange (E92 M3), and Limerock Gray (F80 M3 CS). All five colors are unique and absolutely fantastic but there has to be just one that you’d take, hands down, ahead of the rest.

With five fantastic choices, it could be hard to choose just one, especially because that all look good on the new BMW M3 (and BMW M4). The E30’s Cinnabar Red is great looking but might be a tad generic. The E46 M3’s Interlagos Blue is handsome but it lacks the excitement a special edition M car should have. Limerock Gray from the M3 CS is cool but it’s still just gray and aren’t we all sick of gray cars? That leaves two colors for me that stand out about the rest: Techno Violet and Fire Orange.

Both of those colors would visibly make your BMW M3 50 Jahre stand out as something special, something more than just your neighbor’s M3. Unfortunately, BMW didn’t show off Fire Orange in these new photos (it only showed off Techno Violet, Cinnabar Red, and Interlagos Blue) but Techno Violet looks outstanding. In the dark, it’s dark and moody. In sunlight, it’s vibrant and metallic. It’s one of the very best colors BMW’s ever made and, if I were buying an M3 50 Jahre, it’d be the color I chose.