Luxury in the car world takes many shapes. It can vary from how soft the leather is to the amount of sound insulation. Technology also plays a major role in the age of screen-heavy interiors with supplementary gesture and voice controls. Luxury primarily revolves around the vehicle’s posh cabin, but with the new 7 Series / i7, BMW wants the exterior to exude luxury as much as the inside.

Pompously called “Iconic Glow,” one of the many options available for Bavaria’s revamped flagship adds jewelry. Not inside the cabin, but within the daytime running lights. The separate strip of LEDs is mounted above the main headlights and contains crystals from Swarovski. There are dual upturned L-shaped modules in each cluster, backlit by 14 light-emitting diodes.

Iconic Glow Taken To The Next Level In The 2023 BMW 7 Series / i7

It’s a feature we honestly expected to see first in a Rolls-Royce rather than a BMW and it gives the 7 Series a sense of occasion. These upper lights not only serve as DRLs, but also as the sedan’s sidelights. When the car is locked/unlocked, the swanky crystals reflect the light in several facets to give the 7er a unique look. The company goes as far as to say the crystal structure stands out under sunshine.

Replacing the upper clusters is likely going to cost a small fortune, but it’s an issue someone who can afford BMW’s range-topping car won’t have. The 7 Series / i7 is not the first production model from the company with Swarovski crystals as some of the higher-end vehicles have had them inside the cabin for a few years. With the G70, the Bavarians are taking it to the next level.

BMW USA’s new video is a reminder the Austrian glass producer has been in this business for over 100 years. In the 2023 i7, tradition is combined with the latest developments in lighting as a mélange of old and new.

Source: BMW USA / YouTube