The new BMW M240i has been getting a lot of attention since it’s the temporary range-topper from the G42 series. It will be dethroned in the months to come by the new M2, but in the meantime, the M Performance model was pitted against the old flagship. Right off the bat, we should mention there is one major difference between the two sports coupes. One sends power to both axles while the other is RWD.

You can easily see which car has better traction off the line in the drag race as the M240i was substantially quicker than the M2. The latter managed to close the gap, but the advantage gained by the M Performance car was just too big to recuperate. With the quarter-mile completed in 12.5 seconds, the theoretically lesser car was three-tenths of a second quicker in the drag race.

The M240i Is Quicker, But Only From A Standstill

The M2 tipped the scales in its favor in the two subsequent rolling races from 50 mph (80 km/h). With traction hurdles largely taken out of the equation, the F87 won both duels without breaking a sweat. The first showdown was done with the cars in Comfort mode with the automatic transmission doing its thing. In the second rolling race, the Bavarian coupes had their sportiest settings and the drivers manually changed gears.

It was 2-2 in the end as the M240i fared better in the brake test from 100 mph (161 km/h). That might come as somewhat of a surprise since it was the heavier of the two cars. It tipped the scales at 1,690 kg (3,726 lbs), meaning that it had to carry an extra 115 kg (254 lbs). The M240i had the M Technology Pack with larger front brake discs.

BMW currently sells the M240i exclusively in xDrive flavor, but it has promised to launch a cheaper (but slower) two-wheel-drive variant. As expected, the new M2 will be sold strictly with RWD and a choice between manual and automatic transmissions.

Source: carwow / YouTube