We are likely months away from seeing the new BMW M2, but not before Manhart comes out with another upgrade for the F87. It’s based on the spicy Competition model, made even hotter by the German tuner on its quest to squeeze every last drop of performance. It’s more than just a remapped ECU and some visual upgrades as the MH2 630 offers the whole shebang.

As its name suggests, the performance coupe now packs a mighty 630 horsepower or a whopping 220 hp more than the M2C. Torque has also been substantially boosted to 750 Nm (551 lb-ft) to match the M8 Competition. The extra oomph has been extracted by installing a custom turbocharger developed in-house, along with a CSF intercooler.

The amped-up S55 engine breaths through a fully stainless steel exhaust system featuring quad tips finished in carbon fiber. Interestingly, Manhart borrowed the front axle’s brakes from the M4 GT4 with six-piston calipers hugging 380-mm discs. The rear brakes were left untouched, but 19-inch alloys were installed on both axles. These come wrapped in Michelin tires measuring 265/35 front and 295/30 rear.

The Manhart MH2 630 Is A Race Car For The Road

Other notable tweaks are a three-way KM coilover suspension and aerodynamic elements from the M Performance catalog. These include the front spoiler, side skirt attachments, and rear diffuser – all of which are from carbon fiber. Manhart changed the hood with a custom panel made from aluminum and took the rear wing from the M235i Racing. The tuner’s typical black and gold livery adorns the vehicle.

Speaking of race cars, there’s a full roll cage inside where the rear bench has been removed to save weight. Manhart’s send-off for the F87 has Recaro bucket seats with harnesses, not to mention a lot of carbon fiber and an auxiliary screen mounted where you’d normally find the center-left air vent.

[Source: Manhart]