The internal combustion engine’s demise has been greatly exaggerated as EVs won’t take over in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, enthusiasts are spoiled for choice by picking from a vast array of performance vehicles. Some have gasoline engines, some are electric, and there are even diesel-fueled sporty cars.

A new drag race illustrates that the instant response of an electric motor isn’t always enough to win the race. The X3 M drag raced the Model 3 to show the inline-six remains a force to be reckoned with. The gasoline SUV did have more horsepower, but it was down on torque while being a tad heavier.

The X3 M Is Far From Being Obsolete

Even though the M3P seemed to be slow off the line due to the driver’s poor reaction, at no point was it able to recuperate the lost ground. The X3 M Competition kept on pulling and the electric sedan simply couldn’t keep up with it throughout the entire drag race. It goes to show the S58 is an absolute beast and the eight-speed automatic transmission works like a charm.

The situation was different in the roll race from 50 km/h (31 mph) as the Tesla immediately put the BMW in its rearview mirror. However, EVs run out of breath at higher speeds, hence why the X3 M nearly caught it at the end of the duel. One important factor omitted in the video is the battery’s state of charge. An electric car’s performance is significantly influenced by how much juice there is in the battery.

The superiority of ICEs in some drag races won’t last long as EVs keep evolving. There will come a time when electric cars will be lighter than they are now. It’s also worth noting that BMW doesn’t have a direct rival for the Tesla since a bespoke 3 Series Electric Sedan isn’t due until 2025. Meanwhile, a long-wheelbase i3 Sedan using the same CLAR platform as the combustion car was unveiled this week in China.

Source: Sam CarLegion / YouTube